I Am Your Sin

by Renoized

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released October 12, 2012



all rights reserved


Renoized Cologne, Germany

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Track Name: Uncommon Taste
So delicate, so exquisite
The taste of it, so divine
This luxury, a privilege
Reserved for you alone
The meal is served, the table is set
Blood of man, dine on human flesh
Feed on his soul, consume him whole
Peel his skin and grind his bones

The stench of death, the taste of flesh
Melting on the tip of your forked tongue
Feeding your hunger, quenching your thirst
But one bite will never be enough
Ravenous hunger seizes you
Your want, your need intensified
Taking hold, losing control
Can you still resist the call?

The cravings return, too much to ignore
Coming back stronger than ever
Seduced by the flesh, enticing your hunger
Unable to hold yourself back any longer
Losing composure, the passion of murder
Only so long before you kill
Knife in his chest, welcome his death
Drain him ’til there’s nothing left

And so it comes to pass
Locked away in his chamber
The butcher, playing doctor
Whispering in the ear of the dead
The only friends he’s ever known
Hidden away from the world
The cannibal, the animal
Feeding on the flesh
His hunger never satisfied
Track Name: Still Human
Barely moving, barely breathing
Still alive but my heart’s not beating
Throat’s dry, I’m not speaking
It’s been too long since I stopped eating
Blank expression, empty being
Eyes wide open but I’m not seeing
Brain switched off, there’s no-one inside
My pulse flatlined and my blood like ice

Still human
I ask of you
Am I still human?
Am I still like you?
Still human
What becomes of me?
Please tell me
Still human
Am I still like you?
Am I still human?

Will you notice me? Look me in the eye?
Will you see me as you pass me by?
Look right through, I’m not even there
Reduced to nothing by your piercing stare
Insignificant, am I that worthless?
You just couldn’t care any less
Will you notice me? Do you even care?
Can’t you see me suffering?

Given up on life, you’ve given up on me
Everyone I know has all but forsaken me
Motionless, I’m emotionless
I don’t want to move and I don’t want to feel
I’m statuesque, made of stone
Surrounded by people but I’m still alone
A monument, sat in silence
I’ve become a symbol of my own nothingness
Track Name: I Am Your Sin
I am your sin…

I am your pride, I am your vanity
I am the reflection that you adore
I am your envy, I am your jealousy
I am everything you want to be and more
I am your greed, I am your avarice
I am there when all you think of is yourself
I am your lust, I’m your desire
I’m the perversion damning you to hell

I am your sin…

I am your wrath, I am your rage
I am the sum of all the loathing you display
I am your gluttony, I am your excess
I am the hunger that you can never sate
I am your sloth, I am your failure
I am your talent that forever goes to waste
I am your sin, the unforgivable
Damning you to hell with every step you take

I am your sin…
Track Name: Barbed Wire Kiss
Looks that could kill and the bloodthirst to match
She’s a femme fatale, one look is your last
She’s caught your eye, you can’t pull away
Shrouded in shadows with her piercing gaze
There’s something in her smile you just can’t place
Lined with lipstick in a deadly shade
You’d do anything just to get a taste
But you’re not quite sure of the price you’ll pay

In the palm of her hand, can’t believe your luck
Grinning like a fool as your heartbeat stops
In the lion’s den but you don’t know it yet
Purring like a kitten as you’re Kissing death
Her hand on your heart, she’s pulling the strings
Squeezing the life right out of it
Death’s embrace, just one last taste
The poison on her lips, her barbed wire kiss

Something sinister whispered in your ear
The devil’s kiss, death on her lips
The sting of her words, they’re sinking in slowly
Your blood is poison, she’s the antidote
Her betrayal could be your saving grace
What would you give? Do you want to be saved?
You’d do anything just to get a taste
But you’re not quite sure of the price you’ll pay
Track Name: Little Synthetic Tears
Wasted when you wake up from another binge
Your bones are grinding, your muscles ache
Writhing in your own skin, you’re dying to forget
Any excuse to leave this life behind
Cuts and creases up and down your arms
Stainless steel tearing into your skin
The needle calls again, press it into your veins
Tell me can you feel it sting?

And you’re crying for your tears
Your body’s screaming, demanding more
You’re dying for the next fix
Weeping as you shed little pathetic tears
You’ll do anything
You don’t even care where it’s coming from
You’re desperate, you beg for it
As the needle cries little synthetic tears

This liquid addiction, seductive obsession
Chemical attraction with grip on your heart
It’s taking you over, it’s pulling you under
It consumes you, swallows you whole
It’s the dirt in your nails, it’s the filth on your skin
It’s your body lying covered in sweat
You’re a fucked up mess, another piles of bones
One more junkie blacking out again
Track Name: Void
Left out in the cold, abandoned by you
Not sure what has happened to me
Let go of my hand, you’re walking away
Renounced everything we once had
Shock to the system, my blood turns to ice
It doesn’t make any sense to me
Can’t swallow the truth, I refuse to believe
Don’t want to accept what you’re telling me
Retreating within, cut off from the world
I crawl inside my shell of deceit
Ignoring the facts, I lie to myself
but I don’t believe the lies I tell

There’s a void inside without you, what can I do?
Can’t seem to find a way to go on
So I fill this void with substance
so deep that no one can find me lying at the bottom
I’m still drowning my hurt, numbing the pain
so I don’t have to feel so empty, so cold
I’m left wandering this world all alone
Day after day I just go on without you

I won’t listen to you, acknowledge the truth
I’m still convinced this can’t be real
I’m trying so hard, to will it away
but I can’t wake up from this nightmare
I keep seeing your face, haunting my dreams
Every night it’s always the same
I see myself drowning, running from you
but I can never seem to escape
I don’t want to feel, can’t stand this pain
The ache inside is killing me
It’s taking so long for me to heal
When will I be free of you?

You did this to me
You did this to me
You did this to me, you made me this way
An empty shell, a broken husk, with no hope left at all
Can I begin again? Can I wipe the slate clean?
Maybe now I can pick up the pieces of what I used to be
Rebuilding the image of me, the fragments of my soul
My shattered sanity, lies before me, falls before me
Track Name: Hatefuck
How did we get here? We’re not driven by lust
Brought together by our hatred
There’s no love in my touch, nothing in my embrace
’cause my passion for you is empty
I’m just using you, I’m reducing you
You’re nothing more than a slab of meat
Don’t mistake this, you know I don’t like this
I’m only doing it because you hate it more

Want it
Need it
Love it
Hate this

I won’t make this quick, you won’t enjoy this
Not about to make this easy
I’m doing it for me, do it for the release
I just don’t care about you
Force ourselves through this, pretending we like this
Insisting that this is what we want
Still playing this game, playing out this charade
We don’t want to admit how much we fucking hate this

It’s in your touch, it’s in your kiss
It’s everything I hate about this
It’s in you, it’s in me
It’s everything we’re not meant to be

Hatefuck, want me to hate you
Hatefuck, you want this?
Hatefuck, want me to hate you
I’ll hatefuck you

Want it (pretend to)
Need it (pretend to)
Love it (pretend to)
Hate this

You repulse me, bitch
You make me fucking sick
I fucking hate you
Track Name: Sides Of The Coin
A righteous quest set down by the gods
A sense of duty met with uncertainty
Decimate, eradicate
Cull the sheep, cut down the flock
Sent by the shepherd to guide them to the light
Given your tools and set to your task
When asked by the father, how can you refuse?
It’s your decision to make
Are you strong enough to make it?

A bible in one hand and a rifle in the other
A finger on the pulse and a finger on the trigger
Healing with the first and harming with the second
One hand giveth, the other takes away
Itchy fingers, which one will act first?
Will you show mercy or will you show wrath?
Two sides of the coin, chance guiding your hand
Will you let fate decide who you are?
Who you are, who you are
Will you let fate decide just who you are?
Who you are, who you are
Will you let fate decide?

Your motives aren’t pure, a double edged sword
Two faced kindness, duality of reason
The chaos of chance, pure and unprejudiced
No judgements made, no creed is safe
You live or you die, in perfect equality
Fortune’s in control, their lives on the line
Under its rule, you can’t choose for yourself
Led by its hand, who will you become?
Track Name: I'm Your God
Follow the words of an absent god
His message forgotten, the meaning twisted
Manipulated by greedy men
A god for sale, the cost of damnation
An ad campaign, filled with false prophets,
silver-tongued serpents and sweet-talking saints
For a tidy sum, you can buy your salvation
but are you willing to pay the price?

Shed a tear for the dearly departed
For those who have left us, and those still leaving
Tempted by promises from false idols
Too good to resist in the absence of God
You’ve been forsaken by your creator
The liar, the doubter who walked away
Your lord is gone, now I ask of you
Who do you pray to when your god has left you?

I’m your god
I’m your god
I’m your god now

All penance paid, in sweat and coin
They sold you their lies but you couldn’t believe
Suspicions confirmed but you don’t want to admit
Finding an answer, you don’t want to know
Try to fill the emptiness that brought you to this
Searching for something, some kind of meaning
Some kind of purpose in this lonely world
But you can’t replace what you’ve already lost
Track Name: The End
One people under god, divided by sin
Spread apart across the plain
The citizens depraved, given to the self
The vice of man and pleasures of the flesh
Despicable, inhospitable
Controlled by their avarice
Unashamed of what they’ve become
Without guilt in spite of their sin

The end of all things, days come to a close
The great destroyer above and the liar below
The hammer of the gods, crashing down
As the walls collapse and the siren sounds
Purged by fire, cleansed in the flame
Only one shall be spared on this day
And as the last shred of order departs
Who do you blame as it all falls apart?

Panic in the streets, two cities in despair
Society degrades, no-one is safe
Tensions rising, brought to the brink
Past the point of no return
Divine judgement, eternal vengeance
No man worthy of salvation
The cities of the plain, removed from history
The scream of youth heralds their destruction
Track Name: Purgatory
Time is standing still for me
Every second an eternity
What did I ever do to bring
This infinite, endless suffering
The sands of time stretched far and wide
Held alone in this sea of white
This place I’ve been imprisoned in
Trapped in this cage where I’ve been

Waiting here for so long
Waiting here for so long
Waiting for you to set me free
Waiting for you to rescue me
When will my torment end?
Is this my punishment?
I’ve been waiting for redemption
No end in sight

Pain inflicted so long ago
I can’t remember, I don’t even know
The memory eluding me
Held just out of reach
Can’t recall what I’m longing for
The answer held behind locked doors
Am I waiting for my saviour
or do I wait for something more?